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5 Gambling Business Ideas with Virtual Reality

By the year 2020, the global online gambling market is projected to be worth over 66bn USD.

The basis for this valuation appears to be largely driven by the ever increasing popularity of mobile gambling, and the legalization and regulation of online gambling in countries around the globe.

This burgeoning industry is on an inevitable collision course with another fast growing industry – Virtual Reality (VR).

According to Digi-Capital, when 2020 rolls around VR will be worth over 30bn USD. And it’s clear, even now, that VR’s influence will transform just about every industry to some extent.

The future of gambling appears to be intrinsically linked to VR technologies, with many companies already betting on VR gambling business ideas.

And in this article, we’ll discuss some of the clear iGambling business opportunities that will arise as VR goes mainstream.

Idea #1: Build a Virtual Casino

The first VR gambling business idea we expect to gather pace in the not-too-distant future is that of Virtual Reality Casinos.

A real-world casino is something of an assault on the senses, with so many sounds, colours, lights, all combining to encourage gamblers to try their luck and strike it rich.

Presence is a huge part of the draw; visitors to a casino want to feel immersed in the experience. As it stands, a casino website or smartphone application just doesn’t do that experience justice.

That’s why we believe bringing the excitement of casino betting to VR will be the zenith of online gambling.

Users will be able to pull on a VR headset and access a Virtual Reality casino application that places them in a 360-degree, fully interactive virtual casino, complete with classic real-money betting games such as roulette, slot machines, and blackjack. They’ll also be able to walk around the casino, exploring different rooms, interacting with other players, and even watch TV in the casino bar between games.

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Idea #2: Deal in VR Poker Players

Even a decade ago, online poker was emerging as a billion dollar industry in its own right. And today, its popularity shows no signs of wavering.

But, as with any other kind of real-world game that transfers to the world of online gameplay, the real-life experience will always be the pinnacle.

Online poker made the game accessible to players around the world. But it also stripped away some of the emotion and the ability to read an opponent’s body language, meaning that even when the stakes were high, it was never as exciting as sitting across from someone at a real poker table.

That’s why we believe VR poker will bring some of that human emotion back to the online game. Gambling businesses will place their customers around a virtual poker table, where they can watch opposing avatars give up tells, therefore adding the nuance and skill missing from many smartphone poker apps and dedicated poker websites.

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Idea #3: Create a VR Slots App

The next gambling business idea we expect to make the leap into Virtual Reality is online slots.

It’s a staple of real-world casino gambling, with the noises, colours, bells and whistles adding to the gaming floor atmosphere. And bringing that experience to VR could be key in attracting new – and most importantly, younger – audiences to the world of online gambling.

For many existing gambling businesses, we expect them to augment their platforms to include Virtual Reality betting games.

And for companies who are new to gambling in VR, virtual slots offer a perfect gateway to establishing a reputation for user-friendly, immersive online betting. These VR slot machines can be branded and used as an add-on to other betting games, or as a standalone smartphone VR application.

Find out more about VR Slots Development here.

Idea #4: Build a VR Blackjack Table

One of the first things that comes to mind when someone mentions a casino is the quintessential blackjack table.

It’s easy to learn, and difficult to master, and with its reputation for excitement, quick wins, and ever escalating levels of tension, it’s tailor made for virtual reality.

Experienced gambling businesses can transform their online betting platforms by adding a VR blackjack smartphone application to their roster.

Fully branded, and with a virtual dealer sitting opposite, these VR blackjack tables will transform the user’s experience of online gambling, from something used to pass the time to an exhilarating high stakes game for real money.

Find out more about VR Blackjack Development here.

Idea #5: Gamble on Virtual Sports

The final gambling business idea we expect to take off when VR hits the mainstream is that of virtual sports betting.

With an increasing number of countries making real sport betting illegal, virtual sports betting has grown in popularity.

Sports such as soccer, horse racing, and motor racing have made the leap into the virtual world but, for now, these are primarily experienced via small screens on betting websites.

Sports gambling in VR will change the way users view virtual sports betting. Rather than watch hunched over laptops or squinting at smartphones, they’ll pull on a VR headset and feel as if they’re right there in the stadium, cheering on their favourite virtual team, horse, or driver to victory.

Virtual sports have the added bonus of being available 24/7, 365 days a year, and they’ll never get mixed up in match-fixing controversy, or be cancelled at the last minute due to bad weather.

And we believe virtual sports betting in VR will become an incredibly popular VR business due to its low barrier to entry – many customers will transfer their knowledge of the real-world sports into the virtual environment.

Find out more about VR Sports Betting Development here.

How Can BetOnVR Help?

The online gambling industry and the Virtual Reality industry will overlap sooner rather than later, which will result in a boom to user numbers and revenue.

Now is the perfect time to start positioning your online gambling business so that it can take full advantage when VR goes mainstream. Whether you want to build your own VR casino, or take a seat in the front row of a virtual stadium, our team of expert VR designers and developers can make your dream a reality.

With an unrivalled approach to custom app development, BetOnVR can guide your virtual reality gambling app project from concept to completion.

It’s time to spin that wheel, roll that dice, and bet big on VR – contact us today to get started.

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