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Get the Audience Your Online Casino Deserves with these Clever Marketing Ideas

So, you want to launch an online casino and go toe-to-toe with the big guys?

Well, besides a killer platform, an eye-catching brand, and plenty of fun games, you’ll need customers, and lots of them.

That’s why, before you put the finishing touches on your online casino app or website, you’ll need to formulate an effective marketing strategy to attract the right audience.

And in this post, we’ve compiled 15 of the best online casino marketing ideas to help you get started.

1. Bonuses & Free Plays

Let’s begin with one of the best casino marketing ideas: Promotions.

There’s a reason bonuses and free plays are offered by the big online casinos – because they work. People are attracted to free offers and the chance to make some money, so give the people what they want.

Consider offering to double their first deposit, or give them a free bet. You essentially want to hook them into playing on your platform, and there’s no better way than eliminating the risk.

2. Leverage Popular Culture

If you don’t have any credibility (yet) then you can borrow some. By this, we mean using popular culture to smooth the way for your new customers.

Look into purchasing licenses to use familiar film and television properties to promote your games. Your prospective customers may not recognize your brand to begin with, but by using a DC Comics character such as Superman you can add legitimacy to your platform.

Of course, you must ensure you have the proper permission to use another brand’s intellectual property, otherwise you’ll be in hot water.

3. Turn Customers into Ambassadors

Another popular technique for marketing an online casino is to offer existing customers the chance to earn something in return for referring friends and family.

For example, give them a code to share, and when a new customer signs up using said code, both will receive a free bet.

You’re essentially turning your customers into mini brand ambassadors.

4. Make Your Customers Better Gamblers

It’s important that you don’t appear money-hungry and soulless. Your online casino should have a little heart, and you can accomplish this by helping your customer become better gamblers.

Share tips and techniques via a blog, or consider publishing a weekly newsletter with gambling advice. You’ll want to keep things light and fun, and by educating your players, you’ll go someway towards retaining their custom.

5. Shout About Your Jackpot

When you’re planning the marketing for an online casino, you must think about your features and benefits. And make sure you don’t get too caught up in selling the mechanics of your games. Instead, shout about the benefits of playing in your casino: Namely that it’s fun, exciting, and that there’s money to be won.

That last point should become the fulcrum of your marketing strategy. Shout about your jackpots, and give your customers an idea of just how likely they are to win. You want to make them believe they’re in with a chance of scooping the big prize.

6. Don’t Forget TV

You may have heard that television advertising is on the decline, but really that couldn’t be further from the truth.

TV will never grow old, and many of the major gambling sites have recognized this, developing memorable campaigns to capture the attention of viewers.

Just remember, if you do opt to go down the route of advertising your casino on TV, you’ll have to abide by certain rules and regulations.

7. Or Social Media

Social media is another popular option when it comes to marketing online casinos. Not only do you have the opportunity to connect with your customers in real-time, you can target potential users with pinpoint accuracy.

You should know that, if you choose to advertise on Facebook, you will require written authorization and you can only target users over the age of 18 in jurisdictions where online gambling is legal.

8. Play Your Own Games

This might seem a little obvious – and it’s not exclusive to online casino marketing – but when you need to sell something, you must first understand it.

That’s why you should roll your sleeves up and play your own casino games from the customer’s point of view. Learn what makes them fun and exciting, and use that as the basis for your campaign.

9. Reward Customer Loyalty

Similar to the idea of creating mini brand ambassadors, you can encourage further positive word-of-mouth marketing by rewarding loyalty.

Create a system whereby the more often the customer plays, the more points they earn, which can in turn be used to access certain rewards on your site (a free spin of the roulette wheel, for example).

You might also consider surprising existing customers with offers purely because they’ve stuck with you. Sometimes it’s the little things that can have the biggest impact.

10. Use Landing Pages

If you’re advertising certain offers or promotions on a third party space, such as Facebook or a banner advert on a website, you need to make sure when the user clicks, they’re landing somewhere relevant on your website.

Don’t just funnel them through your homepage, as they might decide to click back if they don’t see the offer that first attracted them. Set up relevant, contextual landing pages to guide them through the process of signing up and playing on your online casino.

11. Try Guerilla Marketing

Is there a major event taking place as you’re launching your online casino? Then why not try to piggyback on its success with a spot of guerilla marketing?

Look to Paddy Power for inspiration: From novelty pants to skywriting Tweets, they’ve used creative marketing strategies to terrific effect.

Just remember to keep it tasteful – and legal!

12. Limit Your Offers

Another classic marketing technique is utilizing the idea of ‘scarcity’. In other words, make your customers believe there’s a finite amount of something, and their perception of its value will skyrocket.

You can do this by making a promotion available to only the first 250 people to sign up, or by putting a countdown clock on your app or website, indicating that there’s only a certain amount of time left to take advantage of the offer.

13. Use Push Notifications

If you have an app for your online casino, then push notifications are a great way of drawing attention to your offers and promotions.

Push notifications are the messages that pop up on your phone from apps that you’ve installed, even when you don’t have the app open.

Of course, there’s a fine line to be tread when using such notifications; if you overdo it, it can lead to your customer becoming annoyed and deleting your app instead of using it. So use them sparingly!

It’s a good idea to use data to inform your use of push notifications. Peak commuting times when users are on the train to and from work is typically a good opportunity to encourage them to use your app.

14. Set Up an Affiliate Marketing Campaign

If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing, this is essentially a partnership between your platform and a network of websites.

These sites seek to promote your online casino via banner ads, blog posts, and links in exchange for a commission when a user clicks through and signs up.

If you choose to go down the affiliate marketing route, you must be discerning when it comes to the sites you work with. You should look for publishers who will create quality content and deliver quality customers, not spammy sites in it for a quick buck.

15. Consider Live Streaming

Finally, one of the most popular marketing trends today is live streaming. Many video game companies have cottoned on to the reach and popularity of streaming platform Twitch, which streams games being played in real-time.

Online casinos should consider following suit and start streaming players playing slots and roulette games in real-time in order to promote the games, and generate a bit of buzz and excitement around the casino itself.

How Can BetOnVR Help?

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