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VR Sports Betting Development

Due to the fact that a number of countries around the world have made betting on real sport illegal, betting on virtual sporting events has increased in popularity.

These games cannot be thrown by unscrupulous sportsmen, nor can they be postponed or cancelled because of poor conditions or floodlight failure.

Instead, sports fans can place bets on virtual games 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And now, rather than watch on their smartphone or computer screen, they can pull on a VR headset and feel like they’re right there in the stadium, cheering their favourite virtual team on to victory.

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Why Build a Virtual Sports Betting App?

Virtual sports betting in virtual reality brings together the thrill of gambling and the excitement of live sport. Unlike other online gambling games, there’s a low barrier to entry as many customers will be familiar with the rules of the sport they favour.

Our dedicated VR development team can expand your existing gambling platform to include a selection of immersive virtual sports hosted within specifically branded stadia. Or we can create a standalone virtual sports VR betting app for smartphones and dedicated VR headsets.


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